The land of the great thirst, Botswana is a predominantly flat country covered by Kalahari sand and forming part of the Kalahari desert.

To the north of the country, which forms the last part of the Great Rift Valley, one will find an oasis in the Okavango delta, the largest inland delta on our planet. This safe haven is now declared a world heritage site and is home to an abundance of wildlife as well as being one of the last strong holds for Africa’s elephant population.

The central part of the country forms part of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve which was initially set aside to protect the last remaining San bushmen of the area. When travelling to this area, it is essential to see how the bushmen live in this harsh environment and to listen to their age old stories of how they hunt and find food, all while sitting around a camp fire under a sky full of stars.

Chase Africa Safaris will ensure that your Botswana safari includes all the diverse areas in the region to ensure that you experience all the beauty this country has to offer.

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