The Journey Begins…

The Journey Begins…

1st June 2017 Uncategorised 0

The 1st of June is here already, and today I will be returning to Botswana for the next 3 months to fly for the busy season!

From May through to August Maun airport becomes a hive of activity with all the many tourists flowing in and out through this gateway to the Okavango Delta and beyond. The reason for this being the busiest time of the year is that although all the rain has come an end and water holes are drying up, the water flowing into the delta from Angola is only now beginning to reach its peak. The sight of the Okavango delta in full flood is something quite spectacular, and because many of the flood plains will be filled with water, it concentrates the wildlife populations onto the bigger islands, making them easier to find.

Further to the north east one will find the Selinda spillway which is a channel that connects the Okavanago delta to the Linyanti swampland.This channel will be filled from both ends as the water flows in, and becomes inundated with wildlife along its edges. The Linyanti and Savuti areas will be drying up and grasses turning golden, with animals congregating along the Savuti channel and Chobe river.

From a safari perspective, this is a prime time to be out in the bush! The temperatures are mild during the day, and with it cooling down earlier, the activity of animals increases, giving one even more opportunity to witness some spectacular sightings.

As a pilot working here over this time, it becomes very busy with back to back flights and many nights spent sleeping in one of the many beautiful camps out there. This is indeed a favorite time for me, and cannot wait to be back out there!

To find out more about this prime time of the year for being on safari please feel free to contact me.

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